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Tile is a name of a manufactured panel that is used to cover the roof, the floor, and the ceiling. Tiles are almost always square in shape. We can cut, divide and make holes as needed. The manufactured tiles are made of different materials including ceramic, glass, concrete, wood, and cork. Many other materials are used for tile manufacture.The tiles come in white color. However, the black color adds elegance to the decoration. Most of the tiles can be painted and textured to add more and more magical touch to the decoration of the place.
In this article, we shall give you a short note about everything you need to know about tiles and suspended ceilings. Follow us carefully to get benefit from our website.

Drop ceiling tiles:

The function of the drop ceiling tiles:

The functional aspect of tile construction is creating a potential space between two surfaces. The drop ceiling tiles servers for light diffusion management. Sound casting can be easily controlled and well distributed around the room with the proper tiles. Such feature is very crucial in the theater rooms in the houses.

The drop ceiling tiles also conceal the unwelcomed structures such as the pipes, wires, and tubes. The central vents come through the suspended ceilings with the drop ceiling tiles.

The decorative point of view is also a functional aspect. The big hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops pay close attention to the decoration of the ceiling as well as the walls and the floor. The ceiling and the added lighting applications make the difference exactly as the walls decorations do.

Drop ceiling tiles
Drop ceiling tiles: room decoration with a stylish tiles.

The types of the drop ceiling tiles:

Exposed Drop ceiling tiles : for economic reasons, the clients prefer the exposed ceiling. It could be a good idea for the garages, repositories, and storerooms. The exposed ceiling is also useful for easy access to the structures for maintenance.

Tightly-attached Of Drop ceiling tiles : It is made of gypsum or plasterboard.

Suspended Drop ceiling tiles : The suspended Drop ceiling tiles is a big idea nowadays for most places. From your bed room to the White House, the suspended Drop ceiling tiles is required for many reasons.

The suspended Drop ceiling tiles creates a void between the underlying space and the top of the drop-down ceiling. the suspended Drop ceiling tiles serves to cover the underlying infrastructure of the house or a restaurant, offer space for hearing distribution, and help in sound control.

The suspended ceiling is used as acoustic type ceiling for control of sound distribution inside and prevent sound radiation outside the place. This is very important for theaters and cinema places.

Drop ceiling tiles: exposed ceiling
Drop ceiling tiles: exposed ceiling

The Drop ceiling tiles are not mosaic: Mosaic is an ancient unit of decoration. It is made of glass or stone. It comes in tiny pieces that are allocated together to create an artistic image of the decoration of the wall or the floor.

Drop ceiling tiles small tiny pieces of versatile shapes are gathered together to make a decoration
Drop ceiling tiles small tiny pieces of versatile shapes are gathered together to make a decoration.

On the other hand, the tiles are constructive units made of wood, perlite, or mineral wool. They are constructed of the ceiling, walls, and the floor. The main aim is not usually decoration.

The grids for the Drop ceiling tiles:

The suspension ceiling depends largely on the design of the grid. The grid is a construction of interlocking metal sections in series. The grid hand-down from the bracket that is connected to the underside of the floor slab. The grid is attached to the old ceiling by wires and is used to conceal the wires.

The drop ceiling tiles are placed in the squares creating by the intercrossing of the T’s. The center of the tiles is so modified to allow for the projection of the lightnings.

The drop ceiling grids are of 2`X4` or 2`X4` pattern. A good design is needed to integrate the partition system of the grids.

The materials of the drop ceiling tiles:

Ceramic drop ceiling tiles:

Terracotta for Indonesia is used traditionally for suspended ceiling tiles. It is made of earthenware that was used for sculptures. Terracotta is either glazed or non-glazed ceramic.

Porcelain drop ceiling tiles:

The Pressing of dust yields a dense tile of porcelain. The surface of the tiles is smooth and fine-grained. The porcelain colors are clear and white.

Pebble drop ceiling tiles:

Pebbles are first known in Indonesia. It is made of small and rounded stones by the effect of water or sand. The tiles of such material are made of small sized pebbles that are attached together to a backing. The well-fitting of the interlocking pattern gives the tiles a seamless appearance.

Digital printed drop ceiling tiles:

The “custom tiles printing” is the digital manipulation of photos for ceiling tiles. The captured images by any means are manipulated digitally by software programs to mount the images for printing over the tiles.

Drop ceiling tiles mural is offered for showers, kitchens, and restaurants. The color is added to the tiles by computer. The colored tiles are used for lobbies, big hotels, and the meeting rooms.

Diamond etched drop ceiling tiles:

The engraving of the images on the tiles can be made by diamond tipped drills. The tile is coated with a protective layer. Then, the tiles are covered with acid to attack the parts exposed by the engraving tool.

The computer plays a major role in directing the diamond tipped drill to draw the image perfectly. Computer work is permanent and long lasting.

Laser engraving of the tiles is also applied. However, laser engraving is of shorter duration than the computer-controlled diamond engraving.

Drop ceiling tiles diamond etched
Drop ceiling tiles: diamond etched drop ceiling tiles. The technique is very successful using the accuracy of the computer programs and power variability. The net results last longer than the other modalities and techniques including laser engraving.

The installation of drop ceiling tiles:

Drop ceiling tiles

The sketch: you have to choose between two popular patterns for the suspended ceiling the 2`x2` pattern and the 2`X4` pattern. Draw your pattern on a graph paper to make a sketch to the framework of the ceiling. The planned fixtures and other possibilities should be located on the graph as well.

The spaces between the T’s should be carefully considered. The aim is to make the tiles equal at the end of the room. For example, for the 2`X4` pattern the 4-foot T’s are spaced 2X4 feet apart. The 2`X4` pattern is paced differently. The 2-foot T’s are placed midway between the 4-foot T’s.

For the installment of the light applications, the new ceiling should be 3 to 4 inches down the old ceiling. The suggested lighting panels should be localized on the graph paper. More additions are needed for the recessed lighting.

Drop ceiling tiles

The wall angle: the wall angle should be placed around the room first. Its place is localized by drawing a straight line around the room. The line should be perpendicular to the wall and parallel to the ground. A level tool is used to measure the line around the room.

The wall angles are fixed by screws to the studs at all points. The bottom flanges should be faced down. Also, the bottom flanges will rest on the leveled line you have drawn before.

The meeting of two wall angles at the bends or corners is either fixed internally or externally. The external angulation will be mitered at 45 degrees with the other wall angle.

The internal angulation will just overlap on the other angle. A small snip is made at the attached end of the first wall angle to fit with the other one.

Drop ceiling tiles

The wires: it has been found better to install the recessed lights wires before the suspended wires. The common patterns (mentioned before) are served with drop-in lighting fixtures. The fluorescent light fixtures are placed in the center over the panels. You may choose a luminous lay-in panel to replace the regular drop ceiling tiles.

Measure the length of the suspension wire to be 12 inches longer than the distance between the old ceiling and the new one. You cut the wires at such length. Stretch a line across the room to locate the planned position of the main T’s. That line should start from the top edge of the wall angle at each point. It is where the T’s are going to be placed.

The suspension wires are placed above the point of crossing of the main and cross T’s. the wires should be placed and fastened securely. It should be of appropriate strength and material. The wires are applied by screw eyes, screw hooks or nails.

Along the level guideline, the suspension wires should be fixed at a 4-foot distance. The bends should be removed. You bend the wire at 90 degrees on crossing the level line.

Drop ceiling tiles

The installation of the main T’s and the cross T’s: a slot is located beyond a point measured from the wall to the first cross T over the flange top. Sew the main T at the cut point. The T’s are aligned carefully to get a good job.

The main T’s comes first. They are installed at the same level of wall angle that has been mounted on the previous steps. After installing the main T’s, the cross T’s are installed in the slot prepared for them. The pattern you have chosen will determine the location of the cross T’s.

The manufacturer’s instruction menu should be read and followed carefully to fit the cross tees in position.

Drop ceiling tiles

The placement of the Drop ceiling tiles : after completing the installation of the framework, the turn of the tiles comes. It is very easy if the previous steps are well done. Tilt the tiles a little and lift them above the framework. Then, let them fall into place.

Drop ceiling tiles the tiles
Drop ceiling tiles: the tiles are placed easily in place as long as the framework is installed in a good way. Just drop it in place and it is done.
Drop ceiling tiles the main T’s appear
Drop ceiling tiles: the main T’s appear as well as the crossing T’s. The light application comes at one side of one tile.

Drop ceiling tiles ideas

Gypsum ceiling: drop ceiling tiles:

Gypsum suspended ceiling is made of hydrated sulfate of calcium. The advantage of the gypsum suspended ceiling is the lightweight of the ceiling. moreover, the ceiling is a sound insulator and fire resistant. It is also a thermal insulator.

A square shaped board made of gypsum are used for easy construction. An iron framework is installed to support the gypsum tiles. Then, comes the stage of paint and adding illuminations.

Plaster of Paris ceiling: drop ceiling tiles:

The plaster of Paris ceiling is made by heating gypsum. The resulted product is the most spectacular material used for the construction of the drop ceiling tiles.

The plaster of Paris ceiling is attractive and eye-taking for most of our customers. No maintenance is needed. It is a perfect insulator for heat and cold.

Fiber ceiling: drop ceiling tiles:

The fiber ceiling is low cost and easy to install. It is in the favorites of most of our customers. It is made of synthetic and natural material. It comes in different sizes and shapes.

Wood ceiling: drop ceiling tiles:

The wood ceiling has a very nice-looking view. It is expensive. So, it is not used for public places or hospital. Its presence gives the notion about the luxury of the place that can afford such expenses.

It is good for painting with the colors that represent the style of the customer and the purpose of the place. However, it has thermal liability. That is why the wood ceiling is good in the cold area.

Glass ceiling: drop ceiling tiles:

The glass ceiling tiles are made of non-crystalline material. Brightness and transparency are the most attractive features of the glass ceiling. The manufacturers may add some additives to alter the feature of the glass ceiling. The colored glass adds a lot to the aesthetical appearance of the place.

Drop ceiling tiles glass ceiling
Drop ceiling tiles: glass ceiling is made of non-crystalline material. The transparent feature of the glass allows light to penetrate from above to enlighten the place inside. This gives the place the taste of nature.

Metal ceiling: drop ceiling tiles:

The polished metal is shiny and reflects light perfectly. The metal ceiling is hard and last for a long time. Really, the reflection of light on the shiny surface is a wonderful scene.

The metal is either a galvanized iron and aluminum. The cost is low, and the installation is easy. The removal of the ceiling or part of it to fix or renew the underlying structures is easy and affordable.

One can remove the panels and deal with the underlying structures. Also, gives the place a rustic appearance. It is very matching in a rustic bakery or a rustic restaurant.

Drop ceiling tiles the metal rustic ceiling
Drop ceiling tiles: the metal rustic ceiling. The impression given is contradictory. It will not till you I am rich; but the rich use it extensively to give a rustic impression and add style to the place.

Leather and cloth ceiling: drop ceiling tiles

It is a man-made leather or cloth Drop ceiling tiles. The human mind creation effects to a great deal the aesthetic view and appeal of the interior.

The main point of the cloth Drop ceiling tiles is that such kind of ceiling collect dust. So, continuous maintenance is needed as well as continuous cleaning. One more thing is that the cloth transfer light poorly. The ceiling is recommended for temporary reasons.

Drop ceiling tiles cloth drop ceiling
Drop ceiling tiles: cloth drop ceiling is sheep and easy to install. However, it is good for short-timed purposes. Otherwise, it will collect dust that will be cleaned with difficulty.

Decorative drop ceiling tiles:

When you are fond of do-it-yourself (DIY – Drop ceiling tiles ), it is your place for search. When you are looking for 3D-Drop ceiling tiles, here you can have offers and discounts. You are looking for something special for your kitchen, basement, living room, here are sections for every room with hundreds of ideas in each one.

You have been in the same dummy office for such crazy years, and you are going for more year. You need to renew the look of the office to suit the advance of technology and the change in the style as well.

We offer here affordable and easy to install Drop ceiling tiles ideas for decoration of almost any place you have. We offer here variable payment plans and agenda.

Drop ceiling tiles decorative drop ceiling tiles
Drop ceiling tiles: decorative drop ceiling tiles. The unit give you the ultimate attraction that you are looking for.

Our creativity of decorative suspended ceiling panels is not limited to the ceilings and wall. Our decorative drop ceiling tiles have been served for almost everywhere: nice photography backdrops and elegant and costly television awards show sets.

We offer metal tiles for the professional installer. The metal ceiling tiles are affordable and easy to install. They come with elegant decorative style. You also may choose the nail-up, glue-up or drop-in antique drop ceiling tiles that are made of aluminum or tin. You may think you favorite is among copper .

Drop ceiling tiles decorative drop ceiling
Drop ceiling tiles: decorative drop ceiling tiles. The most attractive decoration ever.
Drop ceiling tiles decorations ideas installation Even DIY Get all here
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Drop ceiling tiles decorations ideas installation Even DIY Get all here
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