Pros and cons in popcorn ceiling removal
Pros and cons in popcorn ceiling removal 2017
 popcorn ceiling removal
Pros and cons in popcorn ceiling removal

Pros and cons in popcorn ceiling removal – time to make a new carpet from an old one.

Popcorn ceiling removal step by step.

Popcorn ceiling was once the best decoration of bedrooms and residency rooms with its claimed brightness and whiteness. Because the popcorn ceiling had asbestos fibers in its formulation, the popcorn ceiling was banned in 1978. Now, you may think it is time for popcorn ceiling removal for modernization of your bedroom or your residence room. It is time for popcorn ceiling removal indeed. You may also find the popcorn ceiling removal a necessary cause your room looks dim. You may find the popcorn ceiling removal a necessary cause cleaning of the ceiling is rather difficult and dirt adhere easily to the ceiling. That is to say that it means you need to clean it repeatedly. It is time for popcorn ceiling removal. Now, the question is the popcorn ceiling removal will be done by me or by someone else? Of course, hiring someone for popcorn ceiling removal is costly. So, you may think that popcorn ceiling removal is your job your next weekend; I may suggest. Popcorn ceiling removal is effortless and simple when you know just a few pros and avoid few pros. It is better to follow us here step-by-step before starting. We shall let you know what to avoid for enjoying the happy ending and advise your friends too to do the same when they think of popcorn ceiling removal at their homes.

An alarm before starting popcorn ceiling removal

An alarm before starting popcorn ceiling removal
Pros and cons in popcorn ceiling removal

Old houses before 1978 had a popcorn ceiling that contains asbestos. If you know that for sure, it is better to hire someone to do the job for you without harm. In case you don’t know for sure, it is better to test for asbestos before starting removing your ceiling by having one of those toolkits over the web. Popcorn ceiling removal is not advised to be your job when asbestos is there. It is not safe to do it by yourself.

Getting ready for popcorn ceiling removal

It is for your good to prepare before starting the process to avoid getting a mess or lose time. The following stuff should be there for a start up. We shall explain the pros and cons of each. You needn’t buy everything from the store next door; you can customize the stuff to your needs. When you use what you have got, you won’t need what you have not.

  • Plastic sheets for popcorn ceiling removal: it is better to cover the walls, the floor and the furniture with plastic sheets before removal of the popcorn ceiling. There are different types in the market including those with adhesive tapes. Just remove the tape cover and stick the tape on the wall angle next to the ceiling and it is over. The plastic sheet will drop down all the way on the wall in seconds. You can cover the floor and the chairs the same way. In case that the room has few chairs that can be easily removed out for sometimes, it would be easy for you to tape the wall and the floor only. Pros:
    plastic wrapping the best of all kinds of wrapping materials. CONs: using textile fabric sheets because the tiny flakes may pass through the

    Plastic sheets for popcorn ceiling removal
    Pros and cons in popcorn ceiling removal

    tiny holes of the fabric.

  • Water sprayer for popcorn ceiling removal: you need to spray water on the popcorn ceiling before starting popcorn ceiling removal. Water spraying can be done successfully using some water spray. Any kind with a long nozzle will do the job. Pros: Getting the ceiling wet will help you a lot. Wet popcorn ceiling is removed so easily without much effort.
spray popcorn ceiling removal
Pros and cons in popcorn ceiling removal
  • Special knife scraper popcorn ceiling removal tool
    Pros and cons in popcorn ceiling removal

    Special knife scraper as popcorn ceiling removal tool : a small knife tool is useful for some; however, it is better to be resorted to for small areas of popcorns that would be left behind. We think it is better to use a large and wide putty knife to move fast with minimal remains left behind. Pros: large and wide scraper is better than a small tool.

  • Some other stuff: you need some other stuff like a ladder to reach the high ceiling. Water, of course, to get the ceiling wet. Just tap water that you need. For your safety, it is better to use a Mask; an ordinary breathing mask will do. To protect your eyes during popcorn ceiling removal, you may use glasses or goggles of any type, just to cover the eyes. Note that, there is nothing special for popcorn ceiling removal. We usually use goggles or glasses designed for purposes other than popcorn ceiling removal. Pros: Try to choose easy tools that give you a wide field of vision and good, satisfactory breathing during your work. Pros: keep food away from your working areas. Don’t eat your hamburger during the popcorn ceiling removal process. You don’t like the small pieces to find its way to your food when you are busy in popcorn ceiling removal.
a mask popcorn ceiling removal tool
Pros and cons in popcorn ceiling removal

Let’s start popcorn ceiling removal; you’re one step closer to get a new ceiling.

The first step of popcorn ceiling removal:

Double check for the presence of asbestos if your hours is as old as 1987 before popcorn ceiling removal. You can ask the house contractor, the previous dweller, or you may need to check somehow before going for popcorn ceiling removal for your safety. CONs: asbestos is very harmful to your lungs and your skin as well; specialists are only responsible for handling it in a safe way. Next, remove any electrical device or tool, cover the electric wires carefully, and remove the light lamps and the alike. Put in your mind that popcorn ceiling removal includes watering of the ceiling. Remember that water and electricity don’t mix. It is very crucial to avoid unnecessary busts during the watering step. Pros: keep the electric devices away including lamps and the electrical wires covered with plastic sheets. Last, wrap the walls and the floor with the plastic sheet that we have mentioned before to avoid exhausting cleaning after popcorn ceiling removal. Make sure to seal the gaps with adhesive tapes. cons: cover the furniture too completely as it is rather difficult to clean them later.

The second step of popcorn ceiling removal:

Use tape water to fill the reservoir of the sprayer. Cons: wear the goggles or glasses before watering the ceiling and thenceforth. Direct the free end of the sprayer towards the ceiling and let go of the water under pressure. You should water the whole area you intend to remove. If the area is large, you can divide the area into sections and water each section at a time. Pros: after finishing watering the whole ceiling or the chosen section, return to the starting area to be watered again. Pros: for better popcorn ceiling removal water the ceiling twice.

The third step of popcorn ceiling removal:

Start where you first started watering. With your scraper (putty knife) begin to remove the popcorn from the ceiling. Pros: water over again if the popcorn was not removed easily. Well-watered popcorn will come down without any effort. This pro, watering the ceiling, is a rule of thumb in popcorn ceiling removal. Pros: move the scraper as slow as possible for as long distance as you can reach in the same direction. Like that, the edges of the scraper will not hit the wall, and you will get a successful popcorn ceiling removal indeed. When getting popcorn ceiling removal, you may leave small areas behind, not yet removed. You should remove those small or tiny areas too for completing the removal of the popcorn ceiling. Pros: if the remains are dry, wet them before scraping. cons: putting much pressure on one side of the knife. Ceiling layers damage during popcorn ceiling removal process is bad. You should be cautious. However, don’t feel upset; it can be fixed. This will be the next step in our job; fixing the damage of the ceiling layers.

The fourth step of popcorn ceiling removal:

Fixing the damage done during popcorn ceiling removal is easy. Get a sandpaper to smooth the surface of the ceiling, then spackle the area. When the spackle dries out, use the sandpaper again to sooth the ceiling once more. This step may be troublesome to some. However, you can do it on intervals.

The fifth step of popcorn ceiling removal:

it is the final step to see how great you did in your weekend. Your house now will have a new modern ceiling after removal of the popcorn ceiling. Now, you use a paint prime of your own. Pros: use paint prime when the ceiling dry out to get the best result. You need only one coat layer of the pain prime and no more.

After finishing the last step, you have a ceiling covered with one layer of primer. Now, you can take a deep breath, reward yourself with a cup of coffee or some sweats. Then, you chose your favored color that you will enjoy every time you look up.

I wish that you get to benefit from this article about popcorn ceiling removal. Please, feel free to share your experience with us and with others who are getting ready to remove their popcorn ceiling.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Costs

What is the average cost of popcorn ceiling removal?

You may think about the cost of the popcorn ceiling removal before starting a do-it-yourself work. Popcorn ceiling could be formulated with asbestos that would raise the cost. Here, in our article, we shall talk about the average cost of popcorn ceiling removal taking an area of the ceiling that is equal to 10 feet X 10 feet as a reference. You can measure the area of the ceiling of your room or house, and the net cost will come out by simple calculation. We hope that such estimation is helpful for you to make up your mind to go do-it-yourself or hire some professional.

Why do you decide to get a popcorn ceiling removal?

When a popcorn ceiling area needs to be fixed, or a patch needs to be repaired, it is better and cheaper to remove it. Fixing the damage is either costly and arduous. Moreover, popcorn ceiling removal is necessary when you think of it as a démodé architecture that will be subject to unwelcome criticism.

What is the necessary cost of popcorn ceiling removal step by step?

The following estimation is an average cost of removal of the popcorn ceiling in 2017 for a standard area of 10 feet X 10 feet. You can estimate the net cost of your room ceiling or your house ceiling by simple calculation.

  • Test for the presence of asbestos cost is $50 – $100.
  • Covering the walls and the floor with plastic sheet plus water spraying plus scraping the popcorn ceiling cost are $50 -$100.
  • Texturing of the new ceiling cost is $200 – $250.
  • Primary paint cost is $75 – $125.
  • The labor cost is $1 – $3 per square foot. The labor cost is variable according to the area of the room ceiling, the aging of the popcorn ceiling, and the presence of paint or not; just to include a few.

The summation is around $475 – $875

Extra costs that might be added

You may think of drywall covering of the popcorn ceiling. It is made of layers of gypsum and sheets of thick paper. Pros: minimization of the mess. CONs: lowering the popcorn ceiling of the room. It costs an average of $140 – $200 collectively.

Removing the furniture can be your job not to add extra costs. Otherwise, %75 -$125 would be added. You may need to pay such sum if the furniture is heavy or fragile.

Additional $50 – $150 would be added for ceilings as high as 8 feet.

Let’s add some more money. Sorry for that. You may know that painted popcorn ceiling need more watering and scraping than the non-painted ceiling. The painted popcorn ceiling again costs according to the enamel. It is expected to add $150 – $250 for painted popcorn ceiling without enamel and $300 – $600 for painted popcorn ceiling with enamel.

Now, we come to asbestos:

You may know that asbestos is no more used for ceiling structure anymore by low since 1978. This will leave you with two choices depending on the condition of the popcorn ceiling and the contained asbestos.

First option: the first option that is, of course, less costly is to leave it behind. It is possible when the asbestos is not damaged and exposed to the air. When your popcorn ceiling is intact and not damaged so that the fibers of the harmful asbestos is exposed to the room air, you can choose to leave it behind. CONs: spraying the popcorn ceiling with paint will harden the popcorn ceiling making its future removal a tough job. You will find yourself not happy with that especially when you are intended to live for a long time and enjoy the modern life in a modernly decorated house.

Second option: popcorn ceiling removal is the second choice as you might expect. We should repeat it is not recommended to it yourself. It is for your safety to hire professional. The expertise will use makes, protective clothing, and goggles. You will be asked to leave the house and the children too if any. One more thing you must do. You would file a report with your local community office. Finally, this step will cost you $3 – $5 per square foot on average.

Net costs of popcorn ceiling removal

Here you may want to know that the net cost of popcorn ceiling removal averages in a range of $700 to $1500 for a 10¢ X 10¢ ceiling area in 2017. You may read about different figures over the web. We here do our best to give the actual costs without exaggeration.

We are happy to receive any comment from you about popcorn ceiling removal cost.

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